Lena Tuck-Wilson


Kevin Wilson

A Bronx Tale

Our story of love at first (web)site

According to Kevin, it definitely wasn't love at first sight! He recalls being introduced to Lena by her cousin, Shanequa, in the halls of Norman Thomas High School. At the time, Kevin claims that he was rejected and ignored by Lena, as she was a senior, and he a lowly sophomore. Shanequa could not corroborate Kevin's version of these events upon questioning several years later, but due to Kevin's near photographic (alleged) memory, this account cannot be disputed.

Nevertheless, it is a matter of public record that they attended the same high school. Though their paths would not virtually cross for another 12-13 years. And when they did, she *winked*, and he *winked* back from their respective Bronx IP addresses.

After several years of dating, breaks, reboots, fresh starts and all the Bronx stops in between, we'refinally able to begin our Happily Ever After in Hopewell.


· April 5, 2011
A Tuesday. Lena winks at Kevin and he winks back on Match.com. In the days that follow they
text, they chat, he recognizes her from high school!

· April 9, 2011
A Saturday. Our first date, dance and kiss. Lena invites Kevin to her friend's birthday party at a
nightclub in Harlem.
· January 2, 2016
Third time's the charm and chance at love (or 4th depending on who you ask...)

· August 28, 2017
An intimate proposal.

· January 19, 2018
Lena's last birthday as a single woman on the couple's vacay.

· January 21, 2018
Kevin and Lena wed on a lovely beach under a palm tree in paradise.

· June 22, 2018
Anticipating closing date for our new home.

· August 19, 2018
We'll see you then!